About Runa

Danesh Andish Rana Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in Tehran in 1986 with the aim of meeting the needs of research, science, technology and engineering, relying on modern knowledge and capabilities of Iranian specialized and committed personnel. In 1991, he became a member of the campus technology park and settled in this park.

Rana company is active in the field of rapid prototyping (Rapid Prototyping & Rapid tooling) with the following technologies.

(SLS) Selective Laser Sintering
(SLA) Stereolithography
(MJM) Thermojet
(FDM) Fused deposition Modeling

In the field of medicine, with the possession of the original MIMICS and 3-Matic software from Materialise, the company is ready to provide research services:

Convert CT-SCAN and MRI images to 3D models by 3D Printer
Design and manufacture of implants (Implant) and Surgi Guide by 3D Printer specifically for each patient
Design and manufacture of Cutting Guide, Wafer and Splint (Intermediate, Final) by 3D Printer specifically for each patient

In the industrial field, according to the company’s facilities, it is ready to provide services such as:

Prototyping of complex parts made of polystyrene and polyamide
Production of wax models of complex parts for precision casting
Production of mold and sand muscle for sand casting
Design and production of 3D printers
Maintenance of all types of 3D printers
Advice on purchasing, installing and setting up all types of 3D printers

The company cooperates with various industries such as military, aerospace, aerospace, automobile, tool industry, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, etc.
Hopefully, Danesh Andish Rana Company (Private Joint Stock Company) can play an important and lasting role in the growth and excellence of research, development and production in our beloved country.

Mohammad Javad Karimi
Managing Director of Danesh Andish Rana Company