Medical Service

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Rana company is active in the field of rapid prototyping (Rapid Prototyping & Rapid tooling) and its application in medicine with the following technologies.

1- (SLS) Selective Laser Sintering
2- (SLA) Stereolithography
3- (MJM) Thermojet
4- (FDM) Fused deposition Modeling

The company is ready to provide research services by having the original MIMICS and 3-Matic software from Materialise Company as follows:

Convert CT-SCAN and MRI images to 3D models by 3D Printer
Design and manufacture of implants (Implant) and Surgi Guide by 3D Printer specifically for each patient
Design and manufacture of Cutting Guide, Wafer and Splint (Intermediate, Final) by 3D Printer specifically for each patient
Ability to obtain a variety of files for engineering analysis software
Possibility of separating hard and soft tissues

The company is also ready to provide consulting services in specialized fields of computer use and 3D printers in surgery and dentistry.